Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Wormeries – Part two

As promised I’m back with some updates and pictures. For the first few days some of the worms tried to escape. Every time I opened the lid there was 4-5 kamikaze worms ready to jump, honestly they were like lighting. Within seconds they were on the ground. So I decided to put the wormery outside at least until they settle in their new environment.

A few days on and prendo the worms are no longer trying the escape when I open the lid. In fact when I open the lid I can’t even see them. I need push aside the top layer of food to find them.

From this picture you can see the wormery outside in its new home. You can also see that I’m only on the first layer. When this first layer/tray is full I’ll add the second layer and then the third layer.

By the time the third layer is full I’ll empty the first layer/tray and move it to the top. This process will continue over and over and I’ll keep adding the compost to the garden :)

Look NO worms in sight.. weehee

The is a total of 1Kg of worms in the tray so let’s hope they eat through the food quickly and produce great compost.

If you look closely you can see the little falla.

My next post on the wormery won’t be for a while as I need to wait for the worms to do their job and then I’ll post more pics and feedback on the results. I’ll also include pics of any liquid fertilizer I get.

Until the next time 

The Gaff Man


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  1. Hey Gaff Man, how are your Worms doing? Were you successful with the vertilizer you got from them - IF you got any... keep us posted :) Interested to read more from ya ;)